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Thread: cartoon or comic charactors that wear diapers

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    Smile cartoon or comic charactors that wear diapers

    what cartoon charactors or comic charactors who wear diapers or ones that might wear diapers but we don't know for sure.
    eg. linus from peanuts wear diapers or barry from the curtis comics?

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    -______- i think weve already been over the fact that linus doest wear diapers
    can a lad not have his security blanket & thumb without being diapered?

    isnt there baby blues?

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    Powerpuff Girls? With all the superhero stuff they get involved with it's not always convenient to find a little girls room. Diapered, they wouldn't have to be excused right in the middle of a fight with the badguys.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pramrider View Post
    Powerpuff Girls?
    Only in one episode were they in diapers!!

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