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    Default new member here

    just thought I would drop a line to say Hi to the group of members here, my name is James Oldaker, I go by the nic name of DrFraggle, its my online nic in alot of groups and messengers.

    feel free to ask me questions, if I feel they are too personal I will tell you that I prefer not to answer, other than that I am looking for inexpensive diapers for bedwetting issues, thnx

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    Welcome to the site! Quick hint, you might want to remove your name from the post - and change your username - parts of this site will be spidered by Google so an innocent search for your nick may bring this up... Unless you are happy with others seeing it of course!

    As a hint, there's a great thread for making lasting introductions here - just allows you to tailor our first impression!

    But to start you off, what brought you to this site in particular? Favourite food? Favourite movie?

    As for inexpensive diapers, try your local Walmart - Depends diapers (or own brand equiv) are cheap and will handle bed wetting (unless it is severe)

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    Bud, as eeyore has said i would take your online nic name and name off of here before the crawl bots get it. Back on topic welcome to the site and i hope you find what your looking for...

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    I say the same as them. It is not only bad to list a real name but to link it to your usual alias is asking for trouble.

    There are evil entities out there who have nothing against you personally - they've never heard of you - but love to pick on any one of us that leaves themselves vulnerable. Nasty entities. The Swiss police just rounded up a few that's only a start and hardly counts at all.

    Your font and color got my attention you have a person inside you with interesting things to express. You should be fun

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