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Thread: Hello - so glad to find likeminded folks!

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    Default Hello - so glad to find likeminded folks!

    I guess that I'm actually glad that this site 'forced' me to come out of lurk mode. I am an introvert by nature and this shared interest of ours increases that reluctance to open up. My very encouraging SO, however, has recently really helped me to open up (at least a little) so I'm getting more comfortable. I'm so lucky to have her.

    On a day-to-day basis I have a reasonably stressful, but quite rewarding, engineering job. There's so many decisions to make; everything must be done perfectly. The relaxation that comes from... well, you understand all that, I'm sure.

    Thanks to whomever it is due for putting this community together and maintaining it. I look forward to finding new ways to explore my interests here - there are a lot of clever folks with more experience (and bravery, at least so far!) than I.

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    Welcome, hope you enjoy the forums!

    What type of work are you doing as an engineer anyways?

    What hobbies do you have as well?

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    Well i am, as ever, pleased you have an SO who you value... yes, you are lucky. I would never have dreamt of being at a place where I could discuss my most private... interest... openly and happily; I would never have guessed it would open the door with so many people. It's all those people who have enriched my life - far more than just the diapers themselves.

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    It's a great feeling to know you're not alone, Isn't it?

    That said, want to tell us a little more about yourself?
    What kind of music/books/sports/whatever do you like?

    Great to have another member, and welcome aboard!

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    I come into this Late In Life but always been a big Baby in my heart Glad there is a place for folks like us! Dont be afraid to say what comes to mind to share or ask questions!

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