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    I hate FanBox. I hate it with a passion, the forking thing drives me up a wall. I can't seem to keep my extra e-mail account empty of the damn stupid Fan requests.

    I made the mistake of accepting a FanBox account cause a friend of mine asked me why I hadn't accepted it, she thought in her stupidity that it was a social networking thing. It was SPAM.

    Well, some advice and form a guy who is tired of Spammy McSpammington with a passion. Stay away from FanBox unless you want an inbox full of spam.


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    Yes I've only just found the same problem although for me this stupid thing called "question it" keeps appearing in my inbox which I would just love to get rid of. I made the mistake of joining because a friend of mine wanted me to give it a go thinking it would be a great place to meet new people. WRONG! Just letting you know this is full of spam.

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    I already get an inbox full of spam, so it wouldn't really bother me. I just make everything as spam and move on. I hardly ever get any e-mail that is worth reading. I get newsletter from a couple of video game sites that I read and that is about it.

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