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    Smile Jeepboyrc

    Hi everyone I'm Jeepboyrc and I am a DL love them wet with plastic over them be they cloth or disposable. I leave in SoEasternm Massachusetts and am streight love to talk to other DL's so give me a buzz.

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    Hi jeepboyrc and welcome to Adisc.

    I see from your profile that you like camping (amongst other things).

    Camping really means different things for people. For some itīs a mobile home and park it in a designated place, for me itīs the open road on my motorcycle, pitching up my tent when I am tired.
    This is not possible in all countries, just making a small campsite where it suits you, but in Sweden we have what is called "allemansrätten". Literally : all mans rights. (No itīs not gender biased )
    This "right" allows us the right to freely stroll, camp, pick berries etc in the nature that is not specifically considered private property surrounding a home/house.

    Wow, long rant from me, but I love the things I love

    jeepboyrc, perhaps you could tell us something more about yourself that is not diaper related (we all have that in common already)?
    Perhaps you have some hobbies or sports you like? Do you like computer/console games?

    You should check out the irc chat, thats a quick way to talk real time with others on here.

    Finally, and please donīt be offended by this, consider using a bit more time on your grammar (punctuation/spelling) You donīt have to type fast on a forum.
    I find that if you write correct and readable, people will take you more seriously. There is free online spellcheckers.

    All in all, welcome and Iīm looking forward to see you and your post in the forum threads.

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    we have plastic pant fans here, you could maybe say which brands or types are to your liking try here: plastic pant fanciers -

    Cars are a popular topic, with many of our young people dreaming of having one to stash stuff in, drive on buying sprees, or as a place to wear in privacy. We have gear heads into fixing them. You might say what your interest in cars is and see who else shares that interest...

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