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    I am not incontinent(spelling?), and do not NEED diapers in that sense. However, since telling the love of my life, I am able to be diapered much more often that I ever have been. In fact, prior to telling her in early october of 2010 the last time I wore was in April 2006. Those 4 plus years were not some extended purge cycle, it's just that the reward of having/wearing/using diapers was (in my opinion) drastically outweighed by the risk of getting caught. Okay, I'm getting a bit off topic. Anyway, the last time I wore before today was about a month ago. At that time I had been wearing for about a week solid, the only time I wasn't diapered was at work. One day I noticed I was starting to wet without much thought. I had noticed I was wet and didn't remember having gone. So I took a break from diapers. Today I padded up, and it's the same thing. I'm diapered, and wetting, and I feel almost unable to hold back. Has anyone else experienced this? Have I somehow conditioned myself to be nearly bladder incontinent when diapered? Is that possible? Should I be worried?

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    You should be worried when you are wetting uncontrollably outside of diapers... Until then, unless you find diaper wetting is causing a problem, be happy! I expect it is simply mental conditioning from using the diapers, plus the mental affirmation that you are free to be diapered with no consequence now.

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    Re-train yourself again thats first. Its just your brain getting a bit too used to the diapers.

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    I did enjoy it, but the first time I wet, and did not remember doing so. i have never had an issue when i wasnmt in a diaper, so i'm not worried that i will, but i donmt know if i should be worried that it could evolve to that.

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    I wouldn't worry about it, I'm the same way. Whenever I'm wearing a diaper, I just let it go when I feel the urge and don't think twice about it. I can still hold my bladder with the rest of them when I have to!

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    after i went three days without using the toilet, i found that i had that problem and the urge to go more often when i had to go back to big boy pants. just give it a few days and you should be back to normal.

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    That sounds great! I'd love an opportunity to condition myself to simply go when I feel the need to go. I haven't been that courageous on my recent out-of-town trips for work, and haven't been willing to spend the necessary time at home.

    If you like it, keep it up! If you don't like it, keep telling your body not to automatically let go. Either way, your brain is unavoidably aware of when you're padded and when you're not. Your body will comply.

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    Just to comment on the OP -I very much doubt if the kind of short term wearing described is likely to make any kind of permanant difference - If someone was used to going to the bathroom at roughly the same times each day and then didn't because they were wearing a diaper, it wouldn't take long for the brain to stop giving the message to visit hte bathroom - but it would soon come back when back in ordinary underwear.

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