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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to share a recommendation for a company that make adult-sized sleepers. I haven't seen this company mentioned on here, or elsewhere for that matter, so I'm guessing many people may not have come across them before. They're called;

    And as well as the usual fleece sleepers, they also make lighter weight cotton ones for summer! They also have options for feet, mittens, hoods and back or front zippers.

    I've got two their summer sleepers, one that's lasted a good few years before it recently started to degrade a bit, and a second that just arrived this morning and I'm wearing now
    The quality of the sleepers is top notch, the cotton is soft and light enough for fairly hot weather (I wore the older one to bed while on holiday in Florida last year!).

    On the downside, the company's not really responsive to emails (I haven't tried phoning them) and delivery is a bit slower than I'd like (3.5 weeks for my latest sleeper). However they do make each sleeper to order, so I suppose they need some time to do that

    Also, the website has a small, annoying problem for international orders. When you add the first item to your basket your asked to select the delivery country, however the list at this stage is incomplete. I found that if you just select any old country, you can then select for the full list once you get into the basket proper.

    Price-wise they seem quite reasonable, my new sleeper was 46 plus delivery.

    I hope this is useful to someone

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    kimberly'secrect is great The owner is Diane and she will make you a satin onesie that is is nice light in any color for a reasonable price 20 pounds or so.

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