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Thread: New kind of Diaper

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    Default New kind of Diaper

    I was surfing the web and found this website that had a great diaper that would fit most waist and it is just right diaper and is only in two different sizes, its called XtremeFit™ by Prevail it sounds good i just filled out the forum for a free sample. here is the web site:

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    LMAO, those sound effects crack me up. Hmmm I dont know maybe I will get a sample, has anyone tried it yet? If not does anyone know how diapers you get in a free sample? I would assume one hopefully more than that. Also does it come in a discreet package?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone_Wolf View Post
    Where? I don't see anything except a little square with a red X!

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    Same here, just a little x. I have to go back later with IE, FF won't let me click the free sample link, I wonder if they ship to Canada.

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    I checked out the page and ordered a sample, they dont ship to canada, sowwy mandi

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    these could possibly be good, usually though, new concept= bad absorbtion

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    Oh wow, that site is annoying. The sound effects are funny but just too much - I had to mute my speakers after a second or two because it was annoying everyone else in the house. Besides, there's hardly any information about the product on there and you have to wait for ages for the small amount of info there is to come up!

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    Might have to take them up on that free sample offer...

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