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Thread: Not goodbye, just an extended Leave of Absence

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    Unhappy Not goodbye, just an extended Leave of Absence

    Well, I think a month ago, I got caught looking at diapers, now I'm not going to do anything Diaper related until I graduate High School as a Five year senior (In 2013), move to Chattanooga, TN and get settled there. So this is NOT GOODBYE JUST AN EXTENDED LEAVE OF ABSENCE. I'm NOT done being a DL I'm just going to take an extended Leave of Absence. I'm sorry but this is just something that has to be done, see you in 2013.

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    Good bye, look forward to seeing you again in the future!

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    Hmm im guessing 2 weeks before this thread is bumped by the author saying im back XD

    Well if can you handle waiting 2013 good job and good luck

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    It's gonna be hard. So best of luck, and we'll miss you!

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    Default Perhaps I made a mistake

    Ok, so yesterday, I realized that I possibly made a mistake by deciding to take a leave of absence, as I've realized that I just need advice, because, a month ago I got caught looking at diapers and that stuff. So I'm back and I need advice. (But I'm not going to look at and/or get diapers at a store until I graduate High School as a five-year senior in 2013.)
    PS: Please don't say "I told you so!"

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    That was quick.

    Anyways what do you need advice on?
    How did your parents react? What are they doing?

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    My mom was the only one who caught me, she started coming down on me saying it was gross for me to carry diapers and she told me that it was my only warning. She probably will keep a closer eye on me while I'm shopping until I move out. I mostly went diaper shopping with my Grandfather who didn't suspect a thing! Anyways now I can't go shop alone with my grandfather, and now I'll probably have to wait until I move out to do anything related to getting diapers at stores (I will not get any online, until I move out, and find a good hiding place for them.) I need advice on coping with that day, how to be more cautious about how I do diaper related things, ETC

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