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Thread: Welcome Me Here From Diaper Space

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    Cool Welcome Me Here From Diaper Space

    Welcome me here from Diaper Space. I used to join Diaper Space in 2010
    and they had a very good chat room, and I don't if anyone will find me here who came from Diaper Space. I use diapers cause of urinary incontinence problems, and I have been back in them since 2003. I am just an ordinary guy who likes to listen to shortwave radio, build electronic projects such as LED flashers, radios, and active antennas. I have an interest in Astronomy, the weather, and
    Earth Science. I love to eat Mexican, American, Italian food, and sometimes Chinese. I love to listening to music that I go out sometimes and buy CD's, and used cassette tapes. I came here to share interest with other incontinence sufferers who do the same things as I do. Please welcome me here


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    Hi, gcccode3. Of course I will welcome you here. I am glad you found us. I understand your wanting to socialize with others who also suffer from incontinence, and there is a board here devoted specifically to IC topics and discussions, but I hope you will also spend some time on the other boards here as well. If you have never visited ADISC before, take some time to look around and become familiar with the place. ADISC is a rather unique and interesting place to explore. So, welcome to ADISC. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here.

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    Thanks for welcoming me here, but I trying to find the incontinence section of the whole forum. Where is it located?

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    Hi there. when we want to talk about something besides underthings we have a whole range of stuff to get into. Nice intro, it paints a picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcccode3 View Post
    Thanks for welcoming me here, but I trying to find the incontinence section of the whole forum. Where is it located?
    The Incontinence board is a sub-section of the Diaper Talk forum. Go to the Diaper Talk forum, once there, you will find the Incontinence board at the top of the page, just click on it and you are there.

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