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Thread: A question you can't say out loud

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    Default A question you can't say out loud

    How many of you are virgins? I am and I was just curious about it.

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    Well, I lost my virginity when I was your age to a girl that was 15.

    Heh, the first time was really awkward!
    A lot of fumbling, neither of us really knew what to and that damn condom that seemed to have a life of its own.

    Im still blushing thinking of it

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    I lost mine at 16 to a long term girlfriend, no regrets, it was just the right thing for me at the time.

    As an aside, I can say the question out loud without any problems... but probably due to age now - a lot of social taboo with that topic disappears once you hit adulthood!

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    I'm a virgin, not really surprising considering my age :L


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    God. I guess I'm not any more... :x

    First sexual experience (like, beyond 'I'll show you mine...') was 14, actual sex didn't happen until I was 17. Cool.

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    Meh. I was expecting a way more awkward question than this one.

    I'm asexual, and don't see myself losing my virginity anytime soon.

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    Park,night,lots of alcohol,bushes to go behind, the rest is can be put together.

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    I'm with NutFreeFruitcake on this one.

    What makes it awkward for me is that people are always harassing me about getting hooked up with someone. I can't get them to understand that I don't -want- to get hooked up with someone.

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    DanDanSuperMan - Actively-sexual being since 2005.

    Age: 17
    Pressure: None
    Recipient: Boyfriend
    Romance: Yes
    Conclusion: Couldn't have gone much better

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    I lost my virginity aged 19 and it remains one of my biggest regrets and worst memories. I have since realised I am likely asexual, but I did not realise this at the time and had sex mainly because I felt pressured into it by friends and began to feel embarrassed about not having done so. It was a horrible experience, I put myself in a dangerous position and the choice was taken from my hands. I wish I had not made the choice to try and lose my virginity under any means possible, but had instead made the choice to wait until I was with somebody I liked, or decided that it was okay not to have sex. Instead, after not enjoying the experience at all but feeling that I should have I became rather promiscuous in thinking that if I just did it enough I would grow to like it. I didn't and in doing so I think I have built up a lot of anxiety around sex and as such around the implications this will have on future relationships.

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