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    Default Help!!!

    I think my parents found my stash but didn't say anything about it. Should I come clean and tell them or should I keep it hidden and hope that I am just overreacting?

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    I think you should find a different (better) hiding place and just play it cool.
    No reason to spill your guts if your parents donīt bring the subject up.

    Why do you think they found your stash? Anything missing?

    I hope it all works out for the best.

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    its fine. Keep cool and don't say anything if they dont.
    if they talk to you A) Come up with an excuse B)Tell them about infantilism.
    Good luck and i hope your over reacting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by extrathick View Post
    I think my parents found my stash but didn't say anything about it. Should I come clean and tell them or should I keep it hidden and hope that I am just overreacting?
    I think it's better that you keep a low profile on this. Imagine if you tell them and they actually didn't know about it and they start to freak out. In doubt, it's better to keep thing quiet.

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    I was found out twice.

    Once when I was much younger: My mother was mending my clothes while I was in my bed sleeping (diapered). She woke me up to have me fit something and she saw what I was wearing. I never brought it up afterwards and she didn't pursue it either. I guess she kind of knew I continued after that, and she may have gone looking for my stash. Without ever speaking about it, 'we agreed' that it was a private matter. My private matter.

    The second time my stash was found by the girlfriend I lived with at the time. I couldn't do the 'don't speak about it' approach with someone who was visibly hurt and upset about me keeping things secret from her. After a long talk, she understood. Things were a lot easier for me afterwards, since I ceased 'doing diapers' secretly.

    "Should you come clean?"

    No: since it's not your parents business what you wear. Even though diapers are very important to most of us here, downplay the thing and your parents may think it's no big issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francis View Post
    How do you know they found your stash?
    I keep my stuff in my backpack in my closet and my dad said something like, "Be sure that you don't have stuff in your backpack." That is why I'm not sure if he found it.

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    That could play either way, but if he wanted to discuss it, he would have, especially since he opened the door halfway. Since he doesn't want to discuss, definitely don't say anything. There is a 50 percent chance that he didn't look in your backpack, and it's just an odd coincidence. Either way, say nothing. And as one last thought, if he did find diapers and didn't become ugly about it, you are way ahead of the game than most of us who have gotten caught. Consider yourself blessed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Consider yourself blessed.
    And don't push your luck. The odds from here go downhill very fast.

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    Not to get you worried or anything parents seem to know more than we think sometimes, so he could have already suspected it before

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