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Thread: new here from Norway

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    Default new here from Norway

    I am from Norway and I am 44 years old, incontinent wearing diapers full time. Luckly i like diapers and plastic pants. I consider myself abdl. Hope to talk to others and make friends here.

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    Hey there neighbour!

    I“m from Sweden myself and I know of at least one more user here from Norway.

    You say that you consider yourself as an AB/DL but you only put in IC in your profile?
    In my eyes, if you like diapers/plastic pants you are a DL and if you also like age regression then you are AB.
    But don“t take my words as the "one and only truth"

    What would you like to talk about? What are your hobbies and what do you do for a living?
    Answering those questions would likely relate to some of the other users here and make it easier for you to talk to, and make friends with them.

    All in all, welcome to Adisc and have a nice stay here

    ps I like your user name

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    Hello there! I am from the US and have never been to Norway, but I assume it is awesome there. I know a few people on ADISC who are also from Norway. What are your favorite TV shows, movies, actitivies. Welcome to ADISC!

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    Hi there!
    I've always wanted to go to Norway - some friends of mine are going this year, I really want to!
    I have to agree with everything ShortGuy said - in the Greetings forum, why not have a read of the thread Sticky: Cheat Sheet to a Great Intro - it's very good.
    And don't forget the good old IRC Chat - the Chat link on the top bar.

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