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    Alright, so I'm kind of new. I joined a long time ago and didn't do anything for years until I finally got my own laptop. I've been around now for a couple weeks, but I figured I'd better say hello!

    Hello everybody! I'm Bree!

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    Welcome back, we hope to see a lot more of you now - no excuses!

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    Just to refresh my memory... How about some more info about yourself? Things like hobbies, music you like, what you like to do outside of diapers, what you do for a living, etc?

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    Oh... and re-welcome to ADISC!

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    Hm, hobbies. I like to write, listen to music, sketch stuff, and swim! I like just about everything with music, except country. I listen to mostly music people haven't heard of before though, like Shiny Toy Guns, Cloud Cult, and Arcade Fire.

    I nanny/babysit. I'm not old enough to make a living, or so to speak. I'll be getting an actual job though after this nannying job is over.

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    Welcome to the site.

    I've always wanted to visit the land of 10,000 lakes. I live in the woods of NC and have four lakes within reasonable walking distance of my house.

    BTW: What is your avatar?

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    Everyone's been asking me that! It's a secret...hehehe.

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