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Thread: Should I tell my boyfriend...?

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    Default Should I tell my boyfriend...?

    Hi all... yes it's another one of those "should I tell so-and-so" threads... but with a slight twist I guess. I'm gay, and I have a boyfriend who's pretty close to my age. We've been officially boyfriends for almost two months now...

    At first I never considered telling him that I have a diaper fetish (not an AB btw) but as I got more to know him I started to realize that he's really open to sexual kinks (for instance he has suggested we try watersports-related things multiple times.) He's interested in other non-painful kinks as well. (And is quite open about it when it's just me and him.)

    Well recently, I've been feeling sort of awkward because of the fact that I've been hiding this part of me from him. I don't know why, I used to tell myself I'd only share it much later on in a relationship... but...

    One night he seemingly randomly confided in me that he embarrassingly was forced to wear diapers at night for quite some time (past age 8) due to prevailing bed wetting issues. I talked about how I myself had the same issue as a kid. To me it seems like this was a major contributor in my developing this fetish (for many reasons.) So it seems possible to me at any rate that he'll either have a similar fetish or at least be very understanding/open to mine. (But maybe it could backfire and cause horrible memories to resurface?)

    What do you guys think? Would you say it's safe to tell him? I feel conflicted, like I want to, but then I hear horror stories about people telling their bf's/gf's. Maybe I myself am just not comfortable enough with it to be that open with him?

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    I think in your case it's pretty safe to tell. I'd be very surprised if this ended badly at all. It sounds almost like he could possibly have a kink of this type himself anyway. I can't think why else he'd admit to wearing diapers past age 8. Just be really honest and don't leave anything out. My own wife was totally cool with it despite having no real kinks or exposure to this before. It'll only get harder to spit it out later.

    Hope this helps,
    Good luck and keep us posted!!

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    It sounds like he should accept it...

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    If he's suggested water sports I'd say he would be open minded to diapers.

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    Normally I'm big on waiting to tell, but this seems pretty safe. Still, I would advise you to break it to him easily, and not just show up in a diaper. Seems like a bad idea? People have wanted to tell partners this way. Yikes!

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    Lol thanks guys. I agree with all of you so far. I'll try and see if I can tell him XD

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    Good Luck! Try and hint him off to it first... make sure he's okay with it.

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    DON'T TELL HIM! Naw, just playing. Go for it, it seems that he should accept it by the way you wrote about him. Like others have said if he

    A). Brought up water sports
    B). confided in a being a bed wetter
    C). Open to kinks

    I think it's pretty safe to say it will turn out ok. Keep us posted and i wish you the best of luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by daemon999 View Post
    So it seems possible to me at any rate that he'll either have a similar fetish or at least be very understanding/open to mine. (But maybe it could backfire and cause horrible memories to resurface?)
    I've never actually seen or heard of painful or repressed memories resurfacing and doing any kind of damage except in the movies. For something traumatic I can understand but bed wetting is embarrassing not traumatic (such as being abused would be). I wouldn't worry, lifes not a movie (its a game show :P).

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    From what it sounds like He will be open to it. And besides if it goes wrong then it goes wrong. I mean you will have to ttell him some day wont you?

    I mean to offence to anyone by saying this, but it also seems that Gay people have a tendency to be more open and accepting then Stright.

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