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Thread: Monster , Amp, or other?

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    Default Monster , Amp, or other?

    Help me settle a debate at work. for those of you that like energy drinks what's your drink of choice? For me it's The lemonaide Amp

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    Amp is terrible, its just an overpriced Mountain dew with more sugar. The best for me has been SLAP energy, it usually keeps me going for hours upon hours. Second best is Monster, then NOS, then Rockstar. The rest I find to be pretty bleh at their best.

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    If you ask me they all taste like crap.. but I'll admit I've drank copious amounts of red-bull (which would be my pick of them) in earlier times when working crazy hours to get shit out the door (which is of course probably the exact worst thing you can do to yourself!)

    I'll say rockstar is the worst I've had!

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    Full Throttle Original
    Full Throttle Fury
    Full Throttle Blue Demon

    All made by the Coca-Cola company.

    Those are really the only ones I ever liked.

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    Monster! Btw, get Monster Import. BEST MONSTER EVER OMG

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    If I have to drink monster I like the rehab. Lol dosen't look like this is going to help settle my debate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrin View Post
    If I have to drink monster I like the rehab. Lol dosen't look like this is going to help settle my debate
    Monster in general then.

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    I'm a Monster person. Now that I'm out of high school I don't drink as much energy as I used to, but when I was in school I'd have one can every day after school to wake me up for the afternoon. Almost like an afternoon coffee.

    I mainly drink Monster but I will also drink other slightly off-brand energy drinks when I can get them. A lot of them have that generic Red Bull taste but there are some that stand out and have their own unique flavor, such as Cocaine and Bawls. Cocaine had a unique taste to it; it had somewhat of a fruit flavor when drinking it, but after you swallow it, it feels you just ate something spicy. Plus it had an extremely high caffeine content so I got a lot of energy out of it. Bawls, on the other hand, tasted like shit and gave no energy at all.

    I'll probably say my favorite energy drink would have to be Monster Nitrous Super Dry (the green one). Perfect balance between taste and energy, Although some places that sell it put too high of a price tag on those, so it's rare that get them.

    Also, for days when you're alone wearing a high-performance diaper (Bambino, Abena, etc.), try drinking one whole can of Monster Energy then down 2-3 bottles of water. You'll wet non-stop for over 3-4 hours and if your diaper is good enough, it will continue to expand and get big and squishy. I have yet to try this with a Bambino with Quad booster.

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    Got to be dew or monster. prefferably code red for when im doing long shifts at work, but I'll settle for 2 bottles of normal dew or 2 cans of monster for the same effect.

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