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Thread: Only just joined! :)

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    Post Only just joined! :)

    I've just joined here, I first found out about the site yesterday whilst browsing the 'net for AB/DL stuff. From what I've read everyone on the website seems really friendly and I can't wait to chat more on here.

    Here's a little about myself:

    I'm 18

    Tall and slim

    I'm about to start a foundation degree in Art and Design

    I love computer games, computers, zombies and Tank Girl

    I have a girlfriend of 2 years called Kimmie

    I have a very secret side which no one in my life knows about, but I tend to express it online; I am a closet diaper wearer, and occasionally go into the sissy side of things too.

    If anyone wants to chat or ask me more feel free!

    - Ginger

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    Welcome Ginger!! You will come to find out every one is really really nice here. Make your self at home!

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    And another UKbie joins! *plots world domination*

    Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have an awesome and well-balanced life, congrats! I hope you make lots of friends on here and find loving support for your secret side!

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    Thanks very much! I'm looking forward to posting more on here.

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    Welcome aboard! What zombies games do you play?

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    I mostly play L4D2, but I have my 'zombie apocalypse survival plan' down to a 'T'.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of Ginger

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    How do you like LFD2..i have never played...herd it was ok

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    Fantastic, great replay value. I bought this game months and months a go and I still play it regularly. The online community is still active and Valve are constantly updating it. This game is well worth the pittance Valve sell it for. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.

    Side Note: If you liked the first one, you'll love this.

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