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Thread: What do you wear while regressing

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    Default What do you wear while regressing

    Can't I just wear a sweatshirt and some khaki pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by teamaster View Post
    Can't I just wear a sweatshirt and some khaki pants
    Sure. I don't see how that would be a problem.

    If you really want to get into it though, find an age range that you're going for, and look for clothing that closest resembles what kids of that age wear. For some people, clothing is integral to regression. For others though, it is not very important. It's all a matter of personal choice and preference.

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    I wear stuff like that all the time since it's what I wore a lot as a kid. I like sweatshirts and sweatpants over diapers. Shorts too. Ideally, I like wearing my footed pajamas, although that's mostly confined to wintertime.

    Go with your heart. If it feels good, then you're doing something right.

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    A dress, usually.. or just a shirt and diaper if I want to be comfortable.

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    That's an interesting question. For me, how I'm dressed relates quite closely to my behaviour.
    For instance if I'm watching a more kiddy film, say 'Toy Story' for instance, or playing with Lego etc, I'll always be dressed more childishly. Typically a nappy (obviously!), onesie and dungarees (although I also have one of those blue astronaut 'dress up' jumpsuits for when I'm playing with my space shuttle Lego ).

    If I'm dressed in more adult clothing, then I'll be in a more grown up frame of mind and doing more adult things (work, shopping, cleaning etc.)

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    I have onsies and snap shorts as well as footed jammies, but during the summer, and with my mother in law visiting, I just wear sweat shorts and a t shirt. Really, it's the diapers that get me off.

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    i usually wear a diaper and a onesie

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    It depends on what kind of mood I'm in and what I have in my stash. Most of the time I wear pull-ups, because my little side is about 3 or 4 and is in the process of potty training. Sometimes, though, I'll feel more babyish and wear diapers, while other times I'll feel a bit older and wear my "big kid" race car underwear. If it's not too hot, I will put on my sleeper; otherwise, I'll just wear a t-shirt with the diaper/pull-up/underwear. Someday, when I have more money, I'd love to get a onesie and/or other AB clothing.

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    I have onesie and dresses, and booties and bonnets, but ush just a diaper or nothing, parents were fans of naked baby movement.

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    Well, lets see. I usually wear a onesie all the time. I would love to get or make some footed jammies. I'm all about the cuddlling and snuggling. So, the only thing that really different is the addition of my favorite blanket, wolfie (wolf plushie), and then either a paci or bottle. Sometime just a diaper or nappy and a t-shirt and everyonce in a while just a diaper, with some kind of mix of the previously mentioned additions.

    Eventually, I plan to work on getting or making more clothing. First thing I consider a need, the footed jammies ^^ after that I'm not sure.

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