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Thread: Hello, Im Melisa

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    Default Hello, Im Melisa

    I am new to theis website and am a closeted ab

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melisa View Post
    I am new to theis website and am a closeted ab
    Hi there Melisa - you may be a closeted ab, that doesn't mean you have to be closeted with us ;-)
    You don't have to share anything you are not comfortable with, but we like to know about what sort person people are - beyond just their interest in diapers, since we're all in those.
    You might find this guide helpful
    if you want to add some more details.

    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Welcome. :-) I think riddle summed it up quite beautifully.

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    Grats, Grats:P Glad you have joined Melisa I started to post here since went under. The chat board is way Better than Diaper Space:P + If I get enough posts I'll level up so I can send E-Mail back and forth to friends:P Hope this helps

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