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Thread: Hewo All!

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    Red face Hewo All!

    Hewo I'm Alex, I live in Huntingdon, England but I'm American. I am a teen baby and want to make friends with other teen babies.
    Thank you XXXX hugs

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    Welcome and I hope you enjoy the forums! Make lots of friends and join the discussions!

    also, what are your hobbies? or other things outside TB.

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    Hi alex , Im also an alex =).
    sorry if i come allong harsh but adisc is a great place to make friends but its not a meet-up or dating site.

    Anyway tell us some of your non TB intrest so we can get to know you better and see if we have common intrests.
    Anyway have fun on the site and feel free to ask any questions

    P.s I may drop you a PM with my msn if u want to talk (just say if u want it)

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    Well I have many, besides sports and music, I love movies and collect props from various movies. I custom make action figures set from movies and sometimes sell them. I play the drums and occasionally play with a band, so yeah I'm definitely not just a TB haha.

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    You make action figures?

    That's pretty cool... do you have a site that lists commissioning details? I think you may have some people interested in that...

    Would you make custom action figures based off of details rather then movies? I'm referring to fursona figurines.

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    Hey dude well firstly welcome to adisc secondly how long you been living in little old england x BenBen

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    @LobieVulpyn, I do not have a site at this moment but I'm planning to be making an ebay self store account so if that answers you question, pretty soon I will. I am pretty sure I could make some fursona figurines, I think there cute. @PampersboyLondon I have been living in England for two years now.

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