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    i am a dl tht kinda wants to wear baby cloths sometimes but not be threated like a baby. And i have a cool story for you guys. like most i started stealing diapers from my church and schools preschool nursurys when i was in middle school. And after a year of thinking i was the only one doing it i looked on the internet and discovered how many ppl like me there r and it made me feel better now i am going to be a senior in high school next year.

    But last year after school once i had a car i went and bought some diapers and rush home put one on being the only one home and pooped in it and i stayed in it for a long time then my mom called and said she was close to home so i got undiapered and washed off but i did spay down my room and when she walked in she knew something smell like crap so she looked under my bed and found my diapers. then she talked to me about how my brother who was 24 resently told her how he liked diapers(i am sure he put it differnt than tht but idk how but any way. Me and my brother are both Dls

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    So... you didn't even know your brother was a DL? That's kinda awesome. It would be sweet if my older brother turned out to be a DL. Was your mom pretty accepting about it all or did she freak out?

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    Hi, welcome to the site! Sounds like a "interesting" childhood - although I can't condone stealing diapers! I must ask though, how come you spent a year with diapers before searching the Internet? For me, I was questioning why I felt this way long before I wore again!

    It sucks that your Mum caught you - but she seems to have taken it very well! Did she say anything about it - or just brush it off as a "normal" thing? I.e did she have any discussions or worries about the behaviour? At least you now know how risky the DL lifestyle can be when living with family... Though do you now wear without hiding it in the house? Or do you have to wear in secret so your Mum doesn't find them again?

    As for your brother, have you spoken to him about it? Or do you both keep quiet from one another?

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    my mom said that the bible didnt say anything about wearing diapers and she understood that it is stress reliever and as long as i do it in my room once she is asleep is the only time i do it but my bro is married now so i never got alot of chances to talk to him about it but he has stoped all abdl stuff now tht he is married so idk about him.

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    Cool, that sounds pretty awesome of her to be so accepting! It's a shame your brother has had to stop though... does he know you are AB?

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