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    In light of recent events, I have decided to taboo myself from anything and all *B/DL related. There are a couple of reasons as to why I am quitting.

    1. The fact that *B/DL's are constantly put in the same group as pedophiles and perverts. Its not like I don't know that we are not those things at all, I condemn them with all my heart, but from the outside loop, we will always be associated with them at first glance and that's not gonna change at all.

    2. The constant fear of getting caught, and how careless one can get with everything *B/DL in real life. There is one user here a long time ago, (who's username I will exclude) who I talked to a lot, but (x) got careless and left their (x) out in the open and got caught, and now (x) is taking forced therapy. I don't want to take therapy for something that I already know is not normal in real life. And I don't want anyone to rebuke me when I say that, like with "but there is a lot of us out there." Its not normal in real life, period, so please do not deny it. love acting like a kid again as much as the next person, but after some thought... its just overkill to partake in such a way.

    3. The constant spending of money at a young age. In the teenage years, money is scarce especially when one doesn't have a job. The way we lived our life style constantly revolves around money and the constant spending of it. I'm tired of asking myself "is it worth it?" and then coming to the conclusion that it is. We are just squandering our money on something overly temporary, just to make ourselves feel helpless or comfortable or protected, but this feeling lasts for only so long... all in all, I ask you, "Was all that really worth it?

    Anyway, I'm quitting being *B/DL.... I guess it was time for me to grow out of this stuff, you know? I hope that you all keep enjoying what you are doing, being happy with your lifestyle, and be good while doing it. I mean, who knows maybe I'll come back some day, so I'll just keep my account here if I ever decide to comeback (I really hope I don't, no offense,) -sigh- I also hope that you don't berate me for my decision to quit, but from what I have seen here, I know that won't happen. Thank you all.. and best of luck to you.

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    Sorry, but it doesn't quite work that way. You can attempt to quit the practice of being ab/dl but the urges that come with being one wont just go away. Its not just go away overnight, in fact it probably never will. But with that being said, i wish you good luck in your quest.

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    Well, I doubt you will simply be able to walk away.

    I wish you well, but even if you never log on here again I think you will do something sometime due to the compultion we all suffer, (albeit some of us suffer better than others ).

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    I'll miss having you around. You were a very good contributor to the community.

    It is your choice alone and I really wish you all the best! As far as I'm concerned, you're welcome back at any time! ^_^

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    I'm sad to hear that... and i will not try to change your mind, but i will say this. #1 is a valid concern, i hate being associated with that, too. I had someone completely jokingly accuse me of looking at Child Porn today. I knew that it was a completely light hearted joke. But i let him know in quite a real manner, that that was no funny matter.

    as far as #2, and in relation #3. I have actually found that since joining Adisc, i have spent less money on my lifestyle then i did before. Before adisc, i always had to have a stock of diapers on hand. Now it has become more about the regression and less about the lack of control, that i was originally going for. But thats just me. I understtand it may be different for others.

    If this is truly what you want, i wish you the best of luck in leaving something that can feel like it is part of you. But if you are looking for alternatives to be able to stick around and eliminate #2 and #3 at least. You might consider those options.

    Good luck and you will be missed (until you come 'crawling' back to us ) JK

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    Best of luck to you as well.
    I guess the pressure on you is worse than it is me. For one, if this is explained well enough, people will understand that this has almost nothing to do with pedophilia.
    Second, you're afraid to get caught. I did get caught, but after a little explaining, they accepted my ways. Now they just make jokes about it...
    Finally, with the money issue, I have to agree. I spent a lot on my "stuff". But I just learned how to moderate my spending and manage when I will spend.

    But... I can't stop you from making your own decisions. You do have very good reasons for leaving.
    Again, I wish you luck!

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    I have seen a lot of these threads on different boards and all I can say is "Cya in a few weeks".

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    Like I've said to others who have declared that they're done being an ABDL and bla bla blah...

    Yeah, good luck with that.

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    Yup. Good luck with that. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


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    Yeah, I don't think you can get rid of something that's so hardwired into your brain. If you really are quitting, and you have no urges to do B/DL related stuff for the rest of your life, chances are you weren't really a *B/DL in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    I have seen a lot of these threads on different boards and all I can say is "Cya in a few weeks".

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