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    How I started-
    One day while in 3rd grade I went out to the garage and saw two things in a box picking them up I realized they were pull ups. I tried them on and really like it. I didnt do anything elese like that until 5th grade when I found out there were other people that were into wearing diapers. So CVS was right on the corner and after school one day I went over and looked in the baby Isle because at the time I didnt know what incontinence was. I bought some diapers for kids called cvs sleep pants. One day after school my mom came up to me and told me she found some diapers in my room. I told her that they were my friends and she believed it. Im now going into 10th grade and still wear diapers some times but im not into the whole baby thing

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    sleeppants... Those were my first purchase, they're not too bad for a first diaper, because they have moderate absorbabcy and are pull ons. Ya know, when they're your first, you dont wet every time you wear them. Cool cool

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Thanks for the intro about your diaper loving history. You should fit in really well among the DLs on the forums. Please post around and have fun. Welcome!


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