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Thread: Tearjerkers II: Songs that make you cry (all by themselves)

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    Default Tearjerkers II: Songs that make you cry (all by themselves)

    The only rule is, it has to be the song itself that makes you cry, not some personal attachment (ex-girlfriend, parent, etc)

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    So, like, I'm the only one that ever cries to music? Damn.

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    Here are a couple that tend to move me toward that, though I seldom actually cry:

    Gustav Holst: 2nd Suite in F (Song Without Words):

    Played that one in high school.

    Kind of sad here (caught me on a small Alan Parsons fix):

    Really, when I'm really into the music, I'll move with it. If it's well done and sad, I'll get sad, but it's a mere acknowledgement to a well-written piece.
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    *wipes eyes* :'(

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    I dont know of any that make me cry, some get me close others are amazing at getting me depressed ill post the one im talking bout if yall want but it doesn't fit in this thread, there is one that makes me cry but its because of a personal attachment. anyway this is a great thread, i enjoyed all these songs, and they make you think.

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    Itīs not a song, but Comptine D'Un Autre Ete L'Apres Midi by Yann Tierson makes me feel sad inside whenever I hear it. Truly a masterpiece.

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    Lots of songs make me cry, but most of them are because I attach some sort of personal meaning/ attachment to the lyrics or because they evoke emotional memories. There are a couple of songs though which almost never fail to make me cry without any specific meaning attached to them. I find both songs to be almost haunting:

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    Good stuff so far. I want more - I want to wallow in externally-imposed misery, damn you!

    If that doesn't push you over the edge, Frozen Fox, your heart is of stone.

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