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Thread: leak master all in one reviews

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    Default leak master all in one reviews

    I have been thinking about this one.I wanna try cloth and was wondering what people think of this one

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    Leakmaster is a great brand, in my opinion. I wear Leakmaster Night time gauze pre-fold diapers, and then, Leakmast high back plastic pants. This way I can wash the diapers in a washing machine, and the plastic pants separately by hand and line dry. They last a lot longer that way. The problem with all in ones is that when the plastic goes, and it will, the diaper is useless. I've also heard that it takes a long time to dry, as you shouldn't put plastic into the dryer.

    I would think seriously about buying separate diapers and plastic pants.

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    I have worn AIOs for years and they work well.DB is right about the plastic wearing out first, but if you are carefull it will last a min of a couple years. After the plastic breaks I carefully cut the plastic off and use it as a regular diaper that requires plastic pants. hope this helps.

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    I bought the same kind you did without the plastic pants.I was Judy gonna ask about seizing and how you wear them.What is your waist size and what size did you get?I got the medium and my waist is 42.That is what it says the medium waist length is.How do you put it on?They say it doesn't need to be folded but I don't know how to wear a rectangle.

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    If you don' wee in them too much they should stay dry on the outside. the one reason why I like them is they look like disposable diapers.

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