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    Smile Happy now

    I have just mess in my diaper in public for the first time. it was a warm feeling
    I got plactic pants and cloth diaper from a online site,
    All I can say is "WOW" how good it is I feel so happy I can now go anywhere I like. There is no smell or wet look though my jeans,,, I just had to post it so happy )))))) I went into shops and talked to people and felt so happy with messy diapers full on. And no one knew but me )) could sound a little strange but it was a good feeling.

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    I'm going to close this now before you get a whole crap load of hate (no pun). Messing in public and showing off isn't something we particuly encourage, forcing your fetish on to others is a bad idea generally, and makes the public tar us all with the same brush.

    How about writing an intro here: Greetings / Introductions following these guidelines Then have a read of the rules, and a read of the forums in general, and see how we act, and what we expect from our users.

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