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    Default shy about posting

    Well, capuletxkisses I was a member for a while before replying to a thread.
    (just remember to click post quick response)Any way getting back to the posting business. Just wade threw the forums, you'll find a thread that tickles your
    fancy. Go ahead and "respond to thread", you'll find yourself contributing more
    & more. The font size/color/style will appear after you post. this goes to all
    members there.

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    ...what? I'm... confused on many levels right now.

    And for other people reading this, please don't change fonts/colours just because. It looks obnoxious, for the most part.

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    Well Diaperonhead84, I think you should not only check the engine before buying, but also the transmission. You just never know.

    I'll bet something got shifted from one thread to another, but it does seem either very confusing, or very amusing.

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    I expect this was a reply another thread but after a quick look around it is not immediately apparent which one. Better luck next time around.

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