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Thread: Msiexec.exe Poser -.-

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    Default Msiexec.exe Poser -.-

    Yup, so apparently I have a virus that just loves to bug me to death. It pretends it's msiexec.exe and constantly asks to update, if I click no, it instantly pops back up.

    Normally msiexec is a windows downloading program, but it shouldn't ever be running when you aren't downloading something. I can't seem to find the file for this virus, and it's driving me insane >.<

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    Problem solved!
    Downloaded MalwareBytes and it was the first program to find it. It's located somewhere in AppData I think.

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    you know, when a process is active, you can use taskmanager>processes to find the program and left click on and then view sourche (if that is how it is called in english) to find where it is located. also, you could run msconfig.exe to modefie wich programs ar started at window bootup, and you could also see the .exe location there.

    manual virus busting FTW!

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    Oh like i said i already kicked it's virtual arse, now this is more of a warning lol.

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    Default same

    Yeah i've been getting it to im glad im not the only because it gets really anoying

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