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    I am thinking about to start wearing a diaper every night but i have one problem.

    When i am going to work the next day i have some trouble to relax whit the diaper on. I dont know what to do. I can manage to stay whiteout a diaper around 3 days. After that i am starting to get a lite bit crazy becours i miss to wear my diaper.

    I dont know what to do.

    And can i have all my wet diaper in my diaper pail and empty it on Sunday?

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    Sleeping while diapered takes a few nights to get used to, both because of the excitement and because of the feeling of wearing a different garment than you ordinarily would. You'll get used to it if you keep on with it, though.

    If you want to start, do it first on a Friday night so you get a few nights to get used to it before you have a work night. If you are into diapers sexually and you're having trouble falling asleep, by all means jerk yourself off or rub yourself off or whatever, as you'll be ready to fall asleep after you're done (and you'll have the bonus of positive reinforcement if that's your thing).

    If you're planning to wear and wet in the night, beware that disposables leak from the sides like mad. Also, spring for a waterproof bed sheet. If you buy a cheap one, you'll have to replace it every six months, but you'll have that intoxicating crinkle and feel when you move on the bed. If you spend a bit of coin, you won't realize it's even there compared to a bed without a cover, and it'll last longer.


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    Oh, diaper pail: if you live alone or with understanding types, then you can let the pail go a few days with no problem, as long as it seals well. I would not let it go more than three or four days, as diapers are heavy when used and the smell will start to become noticeable.

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    I dont have any problem to sleep in diapers. I do it every time i am free from work like weekends. But the trouble is to do it when that is work the next day.

    Yes i live along. I have this type of diaper pail: korbell maxi

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    i enjoy wearing to bed. they are comffy and to me relaxing. they also help keep me more rested since i dont have to get up in the night to go potty.

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    Go to bed early so that you can wear 8 hours in a row. Be sure to drink at least half a liter in order to wet properly. The diaper is better than getting up a couple of times.


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    I don't have any issues sleeping in a diaper, I still havent woke up wet, nor can I wet while laying down. To kinda get the baby feeling when I wake up, I'll just wet it before I go to sleep and if I wake up in the middle of the night wet it again. Does feel nice to wake up with a nice wet diaper in the morning. I spent a week TDY (miltary Temp Duty) for this class I had to take, I was diapered the whole time I wasn't in class. I would wake up and put on a pair of pants, go down stairs to the hotel lobby for coffee and a smoke while in my wet night diaper. Loved every minute of it knowing I was there talking to people in a soaked diaper and they didn't know it.

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