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Thread: Messy diaper while sleeping

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    Default Messy diaper while sleeping

    Im gunna try sleeping in a messy diaper tonight. Any tips???

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    Baby powder... lots and lots of baby powder...

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    Have diaper rash ointment handy for in the morning.

    Oh and one more tip, in the morning if you have not wet your diaper while sleeping, stay in the messy diaper until after you have wet it and worn it for al leats one hour after wetting it.
    Nothing feels better than a messy wet diaper and nothing will give you a better case of diaper rash than a messy wet diaper and diaper rash can be fun to get and even more fun to get rid of. But getting a diaper rash is way more fun than getting rid of it. You can always work on getting another diaper rash after you clear up the rash you have at the present time.
    Did I mention diaper rash is fun.

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    Lonnie: You need to work more on your sarcasm. It comes across as generic speech, not sarcastic in any way.

    Also...If you can go 3+ hours in a messy diaper without any kind of rash or irritation, overnight won't be too horrible. I would, however, suggest keeping the window open.

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    Don't even try it without putting on a layer of rash cream before hand, preferably a barrier cream. Powder really does not do much.

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    I have done it several times.... and have never had a diaper rash. I don't know if i just have tough skin or what, but it has never affected me... as far as advice...

    1. Might want to put a pad or something on the bed so that there is a place for the smell to go besides the matress
    2. Make sure is a nice tight fitting brief, not a pull-up. Pull-ups find a way to move around while you sleep and you can wake up with some pretty messy sheets.
    3. If your skin is not as tough as mine, then have diaper rash cream ready.
    4. Have febreeze ready in the morning.
    5. Don't do it if you are trying to hide your DLness from any one else living in the house.

    Other than that, enjoy it...It's not as bad as most Adisc-ers think. But to each his/her own, i guess.

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    each to his own, I would recommend the above suggestions, but to me the idea of sleeping in my own feces is quite stomach churning, I think when you wake up you might be in for a shock, plus it's summer

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    Maybe this is something i am going to try to when i am free from work.

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    Just out of interest, what does diaper/nappy rash actually feel like, is it like a caustic soda burn or just itchy irritation? I've experienced NaOH burns before, after an accident during Higher Chemistry where I spilt some aqueas(?) solution of it on my left arm because the bottle lid wasn't on properly and I was in a little bit of a hurry as it was nearly lunchtime...

    Anyway back to my question: is it like a chemical burn or just itchy?

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