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Thread: Need advice on DJ, music mixing, sampling software for Windows Vista *Video editing software advice to reduce thread count

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    Default Need advice on DJ, music mixing, sampling software for Windows Vista *Video editing software advice to reduce thread count

    i am looking for a possibly open source dj mixing software for my PC [vista]
    and an audio chopping/sampling/dj mixes/mpc 3000 like keyboard emulator software without a steep learning curve
    to not add to my thread count i will ask for you to give me a suggestion for video editing software with a slow learning curve.

    EDIT: on Saturday i got this computer upgrade for Vista. i am still trying to find a Windows XP theme.
    any suggestions.
    PS: is Sony Vegas good??
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    I use Cool Edit Pro, but it's not free. Audacity is.

    Also, why on earth would you want to switch back to XP's Luna theme? I used XP a while ago, and it did indeed look like the "Fisher Price" theme.

    EDIT: Reducing tag vandalism would be appreciated.
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    Audio chopping and sampling you can easily do in Audacity.

    DJ mixing program, thats up to you.
    I use Traktor 2. I find that a lot easier to use and I able to slow it down to 99%.

    With Virtual DJ you can do Backspin effect and double effects and LFO and other stuff unlike Traktor.

    MPC3000 You won't need cos Virtual DJ has something similar built in.

    Again up to you.

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    Well, I use Ableton for almost everything. However it's really more of a performance/production piece of software, rather than mixing, although it does allow the editing and mastering required to mix.

    The learning curve for the basic functions of it aren't steep. But if you want to get some real power out of it, you'll have to learn it.

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    stick to virtual dj
    it will help u go from beginner to novice
    because it has effects and all built in
    however as u move on (if being a dj is what u want) u will get into higher priced mixers and equipment then u start getting built in effects and stuff then virtual dj becomes obsolete
    thats where u start using programs with lower latency like serato and traktor or stick to virtual dj
    trust me im a dj and i own my own company out here
    that usually how it goes, and thats the most effective way to do it also
    however i would recommend that u get ur hands on some type of controller like a numark total control, something

    also if ur serious about djing i suggest u get ur hands on an old record player or turntable
    and learn to beatmatch the old school way if not then you will be totally dependant on softwares and what if ur laptop breaks and ur have to do a gig with cd's or what ever

    just some thoughts
    oh and as far as video editing just use windows movie maker
    its free and u chances are u probly already have it installed
    if ur using a pc

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    Sony Vegas, and FruityLoops... cant go wrong.

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    Fruityloops? What the..?

    Anyway, Cool Edit Pro is a good piece of software, it's also easy to use (and obtain *coughtpbcough*)

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    virtual dj all the way, I havn't seen much better programs then that...

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    I got a question about something in your thread name... what does "video editing software advice to reduce thread count" mean anyway?

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