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Thread: Why I hate CSI / Law & Order / similar series.

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    Default Why I hate CSI / Law & Order / similar series.

    Earlier today, I found myself at a friend's place, and he was watching L&O SVU.

    It was an exploitative celebration of sadistic and over-the-top cruelty, and at the end of the episode it tried to redeem itself with a "crime never pays" message. And it tried to present this garbage to me with a straight face.

    I have nothing against exploitative entertainment (provided that the situations are fictional - exploitation of real-world pain is pretty despicable). But CSI and L&O wallow in exploitation while trying to put on a facade of being morally above the subject matter that they wallow in. That is an insult to my intelligence.

    OK, my rant of the day is finished.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I also don't like shows like that because they portray the criminal justice system as being much more efficient and effective than it is in real life.For example, in real life the prosecutors go for a NP or a STET in about 80% of the cases. Then the prosecutors give fines to child molestors but long jail terms for marijuana possession, prostitution, or driving on a suspended license. I had a case where a 22-year-old got a whopping six months for murder and then murdered someone else a week after his release.Our computers are old and slow. Our chain of custody is a joke. And far to many warrants are non-servable due to careless clerical errors.

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    That's one reason I don't like those shows- I know how absurdly inaccurate those shows are as I have a lot of friends in the law enforcement field and I know how obsolete the equipment they have is. Plus, some departments can't afford to even get new cruisers as often as others. TV has for years depecticed law enforcement having the best technology when in reality they use obsolete equipment.

    Those shows bore me with the scientific mumbo jumbo, as well. When I watch a crime show, I wanna see a hot pursuit, a good story or a good enviornment. CSI is a series I have never gotten into because of that, Law & Order was a show I liked in it's earlier years, before NBC decided to drag it out for as long as did. The only new show I've gotten into about cops is Memphis Beat, cause I like the show, the concept and the characters.

    Anyway, just my thoughts on it.


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    I kinda like the shows, I watch them a lot.... but there are just way too damn many crime drama shows! And too much reality TV! Give us something else for once!

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    I gave up on those shows because they just seem so formulaic and repetitive to me. They are made by large networks to appeal to the casual viewer. That's why I like shows like breaking bad, the killing and Louie. A new plot each week for a cult audience. Though shows like that can be harder to just start watching not from the beginning.

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    Hollywood Crime TV hasn't done it's job well unless it's maxed out to some extreme.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFox View Post
    I like SVU. I'm not looking for a damn documentary.

    If I wanted to watch a documentary I'd watch Investigative discovery channel or some channel like that. They don't showcase or exploit human misery, because there isn't actually any misery to exploit. However, I think CSI sucks plenty, which is why I watch Bones, the more intelligent and badass of the crime dramas.

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    I like SVU but that is about it (they destroyed L&O, and the LA one is shit as well imo). Well I should say I also like Law and Order: UK as well.

    The only thing that drives me nuts with them, is they ALWAYS have at least one person touching evidence without gloves. Arggghhh just put on damn gloves for one few second scene, and stop picking up evidence with your bare hands every SINGLE DAMN TIME.

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    I like all 3 CSI shows, and SVU. That's only because I like the most characters on all shows and I think they are awesome. =P

    I do agree with you guys that it does portray the crime process way differently from real life. Producers actually knew about this but they said they want to get everything done and fit in 1 hour show (unless it's two part, or cliffhanger) and other reason they do it so it can make it more "interesting". If it was done in realistic way, most crime shows will last just one season (or even less).

    I admit that I don't really like CSI Season 11 because the newbie Langston got too much attention and the Haskell serial killer storyline was dragging on and on. It's getting really annoying. I like Lawrence Fishbourne but he doesn't fit well in CSI, and I was glad to hear the news that he resigned and will not return for season 12 this fall.

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