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    This is my AB/DL coming out story and now a conundrum.

    I told my GF a few months after dating. I wa really drunk on the weekend after my 21st and started crying and told her I wanted to tell her something that was really important but was scared she wouldn't love me anymore. Well I got completely honest with her about it, told everything and answered any questions. Well she thought it was super weird and that it was freaky. Well a year has gone by and it hasn't been brought up since a few weeks ago. We were laying in bed and I made a cute comment just poking fun at the fact she still likes (pretty much has) to sleep with her baby blanket (she's 20).

    Well, she didn't like the joke very much which when I poke fun at her she usually takes it bad or so it seems, anyways she was like at least I'm not a freak who likes to wear diapers. I think she was joking but the way she said it didn't suggest that she was and I said I havent worn in a long time. Which at the time it was true, now I have binges again and restocked.

    Well this has gotten me to think about bringing it up again, mostly to let her know that my AB/DL/ little side is apart of me that's not going to go away, even though I tricked myself into thinking that and told her that the first time we talked about it.

    Ideally, she would be accepting and want to participate, but I feel like i have another GF and I'm almost cheating on her, but I have realized that I am a AB/DL and it's not going to go away. I really just want her to accept it as something that is apart of me. We both love each other dearly and plan on getting married in the future. I'm lucky to have such a great GF and I don't want this to get in the way.

    Just wondering if anybody has any tips or ideas on what I should do. And does anybody have any stories of them telling their significant others?

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    i have told two girlfriends, both kinda weirded out but overall accepting, and both hesitantly agrred to do stuff with it but for me, neither really enjoyed it at all. the key is to make it clear that they have no obligations to get into it and if they do, they will always be free to get out. and that you wont bring it up much if at all if they dont want you to. more importantly, you have to HOLD to that promise. do not frequently bring it up and if she agrrees to do anything, never pressure her to continue

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    God honestly.. if she's not fully accepting of you I wouldn't really date her >.< Guess that's just me though...

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    I would sugjest you test the waters befor you dive in head first.
    You say you have been dateing for a few months now and plan on getting married some time down the road.

    I say its time to put in the first road bump,either break out the diaper stash or go purchase a new supply, the size of the supply does not matter as you will either be asked to toss out the diapers or walk out of the relationship.

    Either way you will be showing your committment to your GF or your GF will be showing their acceptance of you wanting to wear diapers.

    It is better to find out sooner than later, and at the start of the third ring is not the time to find out.
    1st ring = engagement ring
    2nd ring = wedding ring
    3rd ring = suffer ring

    Weddings aint cheap, and divorces cost more than money.

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    Well we've been dating for over a year and we really havent brought it up since the first time and actually discussed it, but we've also been through a few really rough patches (mainly my fault) but nothing involving my little side.
    Thats why I want to bring it up again and actually discuss it.

    Any thoughts?

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    Only thing I can say is to find a way to bring up the matter and talk about it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by oboysetht View Post
    I want to bring it up again and actually discuss it.

    Any thoughts?
    A mediator.

    Be it a Psychiatrist, Couples and Marriage Counselor (which I highly recommend premarital counseling anyway), or trusted neutral third party or friend.

    This must be addressed! There is no hoping that it will work out, nor can you bank on a don't ask don't tell policy to bode well for a healthy relationship.

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