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Thread: Hey I'm Ally :]

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    Princess Ally

    Wink Hey I'm Ally :]

    Hi! I'm new to this site and joined because this seems like a friendly site without a bunch of pervs. I'm really interested in meeting other people into AB/DL so... yeah!:babies:

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    Hey Ally, welcome aboard!

    What are you interested in besides *B activities? Sports, reading, movies...? How long have you been into *B stuff?

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    Hi Ally! Nice to meet you, hope you have a great time here.

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    Princess Ally


    I love reading! lol but my passion is photography. I love all types of art. And I love to cook.. so yeah stuff like that.

    I got into ab/dl when i was 13

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    Art + photogrpahy - me too. What sort of art are you in to? Can't say I'm up on my cooking knowledge.....I can cook a pizza..from frozen - does that count?

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    Princess Ally


    lol well its cooking!

    I'm into all types of art. Like I said mostly photography cause thats what I'm good at. But I love film and panting.. I'm not too good at painting but I like to do it anyway and I also love to look at paintings. I love love love going to art musems :]

    what about you?

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    I'm in to digital art - photoshop, illustrator, that sort of thing - the graphic design sort of area. But I love photography ...not that good at it...but i still love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Ally View Post
    this seems like a friendly site without a bunch of pervs.
    Correct on both counts, Princess Ally! Welcome to the friendliest, unpervious AB/TB/DL site around! Post around and have fun.


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    Princess Ally


    Yayayay thanks ;] I've only been on this site for about a hour and I've noticed everyone is really nice already.

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