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Thread: Hoping an Australian can help me with this one...

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    Default Hoping an Australian can help me with this one...

    Ok so I recently saw a commercial online from Australia for pull-ups. It was to the tune of "can't touch this". What has me wondering is the kid says something about "L"s and "P"s, and on the Australian pull-ups site the packages have a big L on them, I don't think it's a size. Anyone have any idea what it means? I'm just curious.

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    It refers to the fact that drivers in Australia have to display L plates when they are learning to drive and P plates once they have their licence (P meaning probationary and thus means P plate drivers have restrictions that they have to adhere to). So it is referring to this with the L's and P's.

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    That's actually pretty funny, from an ABDL standpoint. Potty training being compared to driving, and older ABDL's still being "L"s. Blarg, I can't really explain it, but it just seems funny to me :P

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    Thank you so much! Not knowing this has honestly always bothered me! I can now sleep peacefully.

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    Zeek61 is right, the p-plate laws are annoying, they stop me from borrowing my Dad's blue Cadillac. (If you're in the Redlands you have probably seen it driving around on weekends)

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