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    Hey. Apparently I'm not allowed to "lurk", so I guess I'll do what I'm told and say hi, since I actually enjoy this forum a bit.

    OK, so I'm somewhat of a DL and ONLY a DL. I'm 30, and didn't get into this until about a year and a half ago. Although, I do remember wanting to be diapered as a kid, probably till I was about 9 or 10. For me, it's more of a kink than a fetish. I should explain that last bit... I once read that a "fetish" was something you needed to get off, but a kink was more of a passing fancy that you liked, but didn't necessarily need. Ever since, I've felt I should qualify any sexual activity as one or the other. In other words; I have lots and lots of "kinks", but very few actual "fetishes".

    Other stuff:
    I'm partial to Tena Ultra Stretch diapers. Although, I'd like to give Abena's a shot. I only do this on my free days, so I can make a pack last a while.

    I can't think of anything else right now, so I'm off.


    Oh yeah... One last thing:
    How in the hell did nobody ever pick my user name? I thought it was so obvious that I almost didn't try to get it, and when it said it was available, I was shocked!

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    Hey thats fine, were all on the Down Low :3
    Hope you enjoy your stay, all walks of padded and un padded life are welcome here, long as they keep it honest and respectful blah, blah.

    What is your interests outside of diapers if im aloud to probe through your brain? Lol

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    I'm kinda boring these days. I had my adventures in my early 20s, and now I just like to stay home and watch TV. I play poker, but since all the US sites closed shop, I haven't been able to. I also have a slight obsession with my car.

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