Just an introduction, obviously. I shall attempt to cover the main details without waffling too much...Firstly, I have been a member here before; I do not wish to go into too much detail about this. I did not leave because I was banned or did something, unpleasant, it was due to personal circumstances of the time that I would rather not go into.Secondly, I take a considered approach to how much information I divulge about myself; this means that while I will not seek to lie or mislead people, I may not provide every person with the same amount of detail; please do not be offended by this, I have to consider my personal safety and potential ramifications in terms of future careers and social developments in the same manner as anyone else would have to make such considerations.That aside; I'm 26, I live in the East Midlands of the UK, in an area I describe as 'Nottinghamish'; that is, it is somewhere within a reasonable vicinity of Nottingham; I do not wish to specify where exactly, as it's a reasonably small/mid sized place and, well I'm sure you can imagine the rest.I'm undertaking an accelerated college course equivalent to around 3.5 A-Levels and related to Law, which I plan to study as an LLB (Hons) at NTU from October 2011, something which I have pushed ahead with despite quite alot of physical difficulty and stress this year; i'm determined to build a better life for myself, and I feel like I've finally gotten over being 8/9 years older than most people will be on the undergrad course.I wear diapers because I want and need to; I wet the bed, I have done for most of the last few years, though there are occasionally 2 to 3 day periods when I don't. I do sometimes wet myself during the day, which is quite...distressing; i'm not always padded during the day for many reasons, so I have to judge the situation carefully (generally, indications start from shortly after I wake up...).Aside from that, as some people may know from what I have said on the IRC, I use a wheelchair. I have (as has thus far been determined) cerebral ataxia [simplified, brain damage], congenital and agitated by post-congenital head trauma, together with another associated brain defect. I use a wheelchair. I haven't done from birth, but I have always had problems, with balance, hand to eye co-ordination etc.Despite bad headaches and that type of thing mainly caused or worsened by other physical 'defectivities', I'm cognitively fine. I'm not retarded, challenged, etc and I do not have learning disabilities. And yes, I will be legal to drive when I acquire a full licence.I hope that's enough, and not too much. I'm open to questions. :-)

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