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    My therapist whom I've been seeing about ten years has been pushing me on the why of my DLism over the last few weeks. I have found this uncomfortable and annoying, though most useful sessions are, so I pushed back a bit today. When I told him a few years back he'd never heard of it so I felt he was trying to learn something useful about it. I asked him if he had any other diaper loving patients. Sure enough he has a new one and was looking to me for some insight. Of course as expected he could give me no information on his new DL patient so I'm left wondering, man, woman, young, old, on ADSIC etc.? Still it's good to know there are others around not just on the internet and that my shrink values my insight on this subject.

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    Yeah, he's not going to give you any information on the other patient because of confidentiality, and rightfully so. It is interesting that he has "another one" for a patient. Digging deep in order to help may be a challenge, since none of us have any clear, definitive cause and effect information. We've seen to many contradictions. You can however, tell him what it's like, the desire, the drive, the satisfaction of wearing and using, as well as finding self acceptance. You have so many different examples to site just from what you've read on ADISC. He could even create an account here to gain some insight.

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    I'll second dogboy's thought. If I were a therapist in that situation, I'd certainly dig around here for some insight. We've had a number of threads relating to possible causes of ABDL. No concrete conclusions, but certainly a lot of life histories, etc.

    Of course its also possible the second patient was invented to deflect your question.

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    I do not beleave hy was lieing we've developed too much trust over the last ten years. I asked him not to reserch my posts here years ago when I first told him though I might rethink that. I did not ask or expect any details on his other DL patient, it is enought to know I'm not the only one as it makes me feal less wierd in his eyes. I'v seen a lot of others post their shrink experences and like mine untill now the shrink did not know anything about us. I guess the logical question would be "any one else's shrink have naother AB or DL patient?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Of course its also possible the second patient was invented to deflect your question.
    Deceiving a patient is a no-no for psychotherapists. Selectively leaving things out is fine. But under nearly all circumstances (read: not life and death) you should never lie to a patient.

    Of course, that's not to say he can't just be a crappy therapist. But I'm disinclined to go that route as Nam seems to think well of him.

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    I don't necessarily think it's a small world thing. To be blunt, therapists are going to be watering holes for people with oddities. I think it's a matter of time before one gets hit with two different patients presenting with obscure fetish XYZ.

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