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Thread: The Mattress Has You

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    Default The Mattress Has You

    Who invented the mattress? Who's the guy I can punch in the face?

    I'm sick of it. Every single mattress I've tried is a piece of crap full of springs. My old mattress had springs that pushed up into ever pressure point on my back. I got a new one. This new matress is even worse! It's too firm and I think they used steel coils as springs. Seriously, it hurts!

    And every person I know sleeps on these things and they don't bother them. I don't know about you, but having a thousand coils putting pressure on my back is not my idea of comfort.

    Even most of those "space-age foam" mattresses have springs in the middle. Please, ban the sping!

    I slept on a bail of hay once and that was more comfortable than my bed.

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    Go Here

    I'm sorry, but for me this will always be a mattress for me. Oh, and if it is really painful I would see a doctor about it. Most people can sleep on a mattress so if you are having difficulty there might be something wrong with your back as opposed to the mattresses.

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    Really? I have some serta mattress I got a couple years ago (to replace the mattress I had used since I left the crib...) and it's amazing comfortable

    I think you just haven't found one you like yet...

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    You definitely get what you pay for in mattresses, too. Last time we went mattress shopping we tried laying on a few at the store. As the price tag increased, so did the comfort of the mattress. Next time you shop for one, trying testing different ones out for comfort. You might have to spend more than you originally figured on (we did), but if it helps you get a more comfortable night's rest it will be worth it.


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    You need to get a waterbed. I have been sleeping on one since I was 5 and I love it.

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    Throw a piece of that memory foam stuff on top. I think Walmart sells a generic version of it.

    I used to have a waterbed. It was great. Haven't had one for ages though.

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    I love my pillow-top mattress, I sleep great on it!!

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