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Thread: Are you a Childish Eater?

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    Default Are you a Childish Eater?

    The more i think about being an ABDL, the more i wonder how i never realized it before... I am a very juvenile person, always have been. Just today i was shopping for groceries, i looked in my cart and saw: Macoroni and Cheese, Hotdogs, French Fries, Hamburger, Grilled Cheese (ingredients). I thought "Holy Cow! I have every restaurant's kids menu in my cart right now".

    This is just one of the many things i have noticed lately that really makes me think this whole ABDL thing isn't as recent a change as i thought it was.

    Just curious, are there other childish eaters here?

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    Isn't food just.. Food? I don't really get the question..

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    I'll eat almost anything. Except raw tomatoes. There may be some other things, but I can't think of much.
    I used to hate lots of foods when I was younger. A lot of them I was just afraid to try.

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    I eat like a kid too, I don't go for a lot of fancy schmancy foods myself. My grocery list usually includes cheese, hotdogs, beef for burgers, fish sticks, and some freezer pops. I LOVE freezer pops during the summer- and pop. I love Mt. Dew, so I always have that. Although lately I have been eating and buying more veggies for at home- veggies like celery, green peppers, and some other stuff so I can be a bit more balanced.

    I don't eat store-bought mac and cheese as I have NEVER been fond of that powdered mac and cheese crap- Sorry I grew up on homebaked mac and cheese, not that instant crap. Yeah, I'm a rareity there.

    I can probably think of other childish foods I eat but kinda trying to stay awake right now for an early appointment after not sleeping well last night.


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    Sounds more like bachelor chow

    There are times that I like to eat a lot of simple foods, but for most days I prefer to have some semblance of a balanced diet. When I'm hanging out with friends I'll eat junko foods a lot but otherwise I tend to keep my foods varied and tasty.

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    Hah! I thought the point of the thread was going to be about eating with your fingers or playing with your food. I like to eat a well balanced diet. Probably more protien than is neccessary but, I'm weight traing to build muscle so I'm ok with it.

    However, I do like to eat with my fingers when I'm padded up.

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    I'm pretty much the opposite - in the few years I've been living away from parents, I've been eating a lot more exotic foods that I'd never dreamed of eating as a child... I cook from scratch a fair bit, and love experimenting with new flavours!

    Although, it could be said my experiments are rather childish... beetroot brownies, tomato soup cake...

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    Hehe... yeah... I'm a very childish eater... in the foods I eat and the way I eat them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    Although, it could be said my experiments are rather childish... beetroot brownies, tomato soup cake...
    make some Baked Goods Bad's.

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    I find that sometimes I really like chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and juice, but most of the time I like more sophisticated. I made Salmon en Croute last week, and I keep asking myself why would I want to eat anything else?!!! LOL

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