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Thread: My first fantasy not involving diapers

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    Default My first fantasy not involving diapers

    I'm sorry if this seems like a touchy subject, but just so everyone is clear... I am not interested in having sex or any sexual relations with anyone, so whenever I have fantasy dreams, they're ALWAYS related to diapers in some form or another.

    So while I was taking a nap today, I had my 1st fantasy that did not involve diapers in anyway, and I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda freaked out, not that it was bad or anything, but b/c I've never had one that didn't involve diapers. I'm not going into details about it, but I'm kinda wondering if I might be becoming somewhat "normal" now, seeing as my diaper obsession has always ruled over my personal life, making me not want a girlfriend or any kind of sexual relationship ever since I hit puberty when I was 10.

    ...or maybe it's b/c I celebrated my 21st birthday too hard on Friday and it's still messing with my head. Either way, it was interesting nevertheless...

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    I'm no kind of developmental psychologist, but this has only happened once. You'd need to gather more data. :P

    (N.B.: I'm also not a mod, but this might be more Adult Baby or Mature Topics, since it's not explicitly related to features of diapers. Not sure.)

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