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Thread: Paranormal Encounters

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    I know I'm new here, but I just wanted to ask everyone if they believe in paranormal phenomena. I definitely believe in ghosts and most things paranormal, as they have happened to me and people around me. I know people will probably "shoot me down" when saying that I know that ghosts are real and that I and my family and friends have seen them, but I'm going to tell everyone anyway.

    When I was five years old, It was the middle of July and I was alone sleeping in my room when the room suddenly became cold (not just nippy, but freezing). I could literally see my own breath. I hid under my covers because of the temperature, and when I got out of the covers, there was what my parents call, a "big ball of coldness". I told my parents, and of course they did not believe me, but I knew what I saw. A few months later in November, I was with my parents in their room in the evening and the same thing happened. IT became chillingly cold and a "big ball of coldness" appeared. This time my parents saw it and they became convinced.

    Over the years, things like this happened frequently. Sometimes things like human shadowy figures appeared, when other times random noises at night and cringing scratches were heard on the windows (these scratches were incredibly loud and did not even show up on the windows). My parents have heard these noises and my friends have too. I cannot explain them in any other way other than saying that they are ghosts. After these things happened, when I was about 9 years old, my parents took me to a some paranormal studier. She said that it could be that our house had some kind of ghosts (easy to believe because we had a cemetery in the backyard). It was one reason my family and I moved out of our 150 year old house. When I was 10 we moved and everything was fine until I was 13. That was when I began hearing scratches on the windows again. I just thought that was nothing until I began seeing breath on the outside of the window appear. That was when everything started happening again. I began hearing things like that, and rooms getting cold for no entire reason. I just slept over at my friend's house and we both saw a black shadowy figure (it looked like a man with a hood on) standing in his hallway. He got his camera off the table and he took a picture of it, but of course it did not show up in the picture (even though we saw it after we took the picture). I have no idea why these things happen but they freak me out every time and happen like once a week.
    P.S. Can anyone explain all these things?

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    Well, it could be some random person scratching your windows and stalking you. That would really be scary.

    In terms of ghosts, what can be said? There exists no scientific proof or theory of paranormal-ism, but also no evidence dis-proving it. So on a scientific level, I can't say anything. There have been several proposed studies to find the human soul, or some sort of energy signature, but no one wishes to fund said studies, although I think it would be fascinating.

    For me, I would hook up a video camera, a hard drive with a large amount of memory, and point it towards the most prominent location of 'sightings', leave it on for the night, look at the footage, repeat until you get some data. After that use the scientific method to keep answering questions.

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    Supposedly my old house was haunted. I don't have any memory of it, though that may be because I was only three when we moved away from there. Things flew across the room spontaneously and violently, and electronics would rapidly flicker on and off.

    Also, back when I was younger, I remember riding my tricycle down the street. A few houses down from mine, I saw a Lady clothed in nothing but white, and she was glowing. This was midday, and she was clearly glowing to me, pretty much radiating white light. I don't remember anything past that though. The next thing I remember is being at home sitting on porch. I don't remember what happened between those two memories.

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    My house is one of those creepy, creaky one's at night time. The sound of the wooden floors straining under weight is amplified throughout the moonlit rooms. Shadows give off an eerie aura and at times give the impression something is moving throughout the house. Then there's the wildlife outside that tend to just around in the trees and walk on the roof.

    Other than that, I can't really think of any "true" paranormal experiences. Although I can recollect a very early memory of myself out on the side of a field with my family, and we had stopped because we (along with a few other passer-bys) saw this bright light coming from the middle of the crops. I remember people confused and wondering what it was. However, I cannot recall if it were a dream, or if it really did happen. It was when I was very young, perhaps my earliest memory, so things are quite hazy now.

    Also, my uncle found this really weird road in the middle of nowhere. What was strange about it was that the road was on a angle. Not a big one, but definitely angled enough to notice. When you stuck your car in neutral and released all the brakes, instead of rolling downhill the car appeared to roll uphill! It really was a great illusion to behold.

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    I believe in paranormal encounters, but they never happened to me.
    I believe dead's souls still around the place they most liked during their life, so if people enter that place they could feel the soul/ghost of the dead.

    As for "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" I'm a bit sceptical, but they could be happened.

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    This is only slightly on topic but I had a dream the other night about seeing a UFO flying over my old high school. It was really weird, especially considering that my high school isn't like 20 stories tall or surrounded by other, similarly tall buildings

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    I hear footsteps when I'm trying to sleep. Doors open and close by themselves. My bird died suddenly and without cause one day.

    Of course, I don't believe in the paranormal. Ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, shadow people. None of that exists. The footsteps I hear is my house creaking. It's old, and the main floor shifts position a lot (called a floating floor or something). The doors open and close because of air pressure. And my bird died suddenly one day because we heat our house with a woodstove and it died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

    So there you have it. If say, I was not a skeptic at all but actualy believed in the paranormal, I would probably attribute these things to ghosts.

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    When I was about 12, I was lying in bed, staring across my room at my closet door trying to fall asleep when I clearly saw someone wearing a white dress walk past through my door and into my room. By the time I sat up to see what my sister or mother was doing coming into my room in the middle of the night, the person was gone, without having walked back past me. It's possible that I just fell asleep briefly and dreamed seeing the person, but after that, I was much more willing to keep an open mind about ghost stories.

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    The very second my great aunt died in England, all the fire alarms and CO sensors went off in our house. They would stop if we took out the battery, but as soon as we put it back it, it would start again. It did this for about an hour, and my aunt who was babysitting us at the time, called the fire department in. They couldn't explain it either, because their sensors indicated no smoke or CO, despite the wailing of the 5 alarms in our house. I remember this clearly, and all my brothers, my aunt and the fire department were witnesses.

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    Yeah, I believe in the paranormal.
    I had a few paranormal encounters but that was when I was around the age of 5, I once had saw a ghost on my sisters bed. I also believe that some mythical creatures exist like the Lochness monster, ect. Even though that there isn't exact proof but with how many sightings there are, they might exist. I remember that the Giant squid use to be a Mythical creature, Until one day It washed up onto the shore.

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