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Thread: Diapers or 360 points? What to get?

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    Default Diapers or 360 points? What to get?

    Okay so in about a week I'm getting $20 and I'm gonna pawn some old games and stuff I don't use for a bit more money so I can buy some (don't comment on the kinds of diapers plz, it's all I can get) cvs sleep comforts and depends maximum protection. But I was wondering if I should get 360 points or something else instead. I haven't had diapers in like half a year, and I'm DYING for some diapers! But I would also like to get a $20 card or so for my 360. What should I get?

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    There's also the option of compromising. Instead of buying both the CVS Sleep Comforts and Depends Max Protection, you could pick one and buy only that. Then use the remainder of your money to get Xbox points. If I recall correctly, there is also a $10 Xbox points card one can purchase. Or, you could give your parents whatever is leftover and they can use their credit card to buy that amount of dollars' worth of points through Xbox Live, without having to bother with buying a preloaded card.

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    Yeah but see I want pullups AND diapers =s not just one or the other >.<

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    Oh Just go for the diapers its been half a year as you said. Xbox Can wait just a while longer can't it.

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    Go with the diapers. 360 points are way over priced ><

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    I should've made this into a poll x_x

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    Since I don't play Xbox, of course I'll vote for the diapers.

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    I haven't played my Xbox in over a year - the quality of today's games just doesn't seem to cut it for me. So I think you should get the diapers (not the best reason I know!)

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    I know you said don't comment on the brands of diapers but... just go for the CVS brand. The Fitted Maximum Protections are NOT worth it. Trust me. They don't hold nearly as much as store brands do. And the "re-adjustable tabs" tear the outer layer if you try to readjust them.

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