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    Well i went to K-mart far away from home tonight at 9:30pm. Well i made my way down to the diaper isle and loaded some stuff into my cart. I got some baby wipes, baby oil, 2 packs of goodnites, 2 Binkies, and a 3 pack of glass evenflo bottles.

    Well thats not the funny part, but when i went to check out, i made sure i went to a cashier that looked to old to possible know me. So i put all my stuff up there and she starts talking about her kids, well i assumed she thought i bought all this stuff for a baby thankfully! So i acted like i had one kid and was watching a younger cousin. But not only that she assumed i was married too! hahaha Its only so funny because i can barley pass for being age 16!

    i guess this story was kinda lame.... But im going to post it anyways!

    Anyone else have any funny stories like this that you have used as an excuse to why you were buying diapers?

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    when i bought my pacis the clerk asked me if wanted them bagged, and i replied "no." she then asked me if they were for me, but being the sarcastic person i am, i just said, "oh yeah cant wait to use these" in a sarcastic tone. Weather she bought that i was pretending to lie or not ill never know :3

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