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Thread: akward?!

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    Default akward?!

    ok, well in my other post in this thread a few days ago about sporadic IC/ bedwetting, i talked about having random spells of not being able to stay dry and my mom has told me that if i need her to get me some diapers to tell her, but its sooooo akward any help??

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    you want them but you dont want to sound like you want them ..................?

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    Just tell her you'll give diapers a try, but act embarrassed about it, like try not to act too excited over it.

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    But have you seen a doctor about this?

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    You'll probably sound embarrassed by asking her to pick you up some.

    Just tell her you'll give them a try.

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    If this is something that will help you, then tell her yes. Has she ever bought you underwear before? Diapers are just another type of underwear in my books. Since you are having some issues now at night, they would be more helpful for the both of you than what little embarrassment you feel by just say "yes" to her. I would think a wet bed or wet cloths that she has to deal with would be more awkward than accepting her offer.

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    From a parents point of view I would want to gently suggest using protection, but wouldn't want to be seen to be taking the decision away from my son or daughter - I think your mum is treading gently in a difficult area for both of you and wil lbe happy to help by getting you some diapers -and it is always easier to buy these for someone else than for yourself. Perhaps saying you will try them for a little while to see if they help and ponting out you don't want to be lazy or diaper dependent - just safe and relaxed while the problem lasts might help.

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    If you genuinely need them then I say go for it, if not then I wouldn't get her involved. Maybe that's just me though.

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    Yeah, I'd definitely at least act uncomfortable about it. She might think something is amiss if you don't.

    Maybe approach her some afternoon apprehensively, talk about how you thought about what she said, and maybe want to try it, just so you can sleep better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyricky11 View Post
    you want them but you dont want to sound like you want them ..................?
    No what it sounds like is that he wants to wear but asking someone (especially a parent) to go get you diapers is probably really awkward

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    Ok well thanks but to clarify, i have a history of random bouts of bedwetting and some day accidents, and she has gotten me diapers before, and i wasn't dry for a about 2 years one time age 12-> 14 and then i was miraculously dry for a little bit but it is just awkward asking for them once a month or so when this happens for a bout ten to fourteen or more days in a row

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