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    so my mom is has been trying to motivate me to lose weight because im always like yay okay so hitting the gym this week -____- but i never do!
    btw sont think she calls me fat its just ugh i was less but i gained alot of weight in a couple years and its hard for me to lose weight (something to do with a off hormonal balance ,possibly thyroid condition) so i need a push

    so she made a deal with me we have 4 weeks to meet our goals our final weigh in will be Aug. 15 and if i meet my goal me and her will jump on a plane to vegas for 3 days and i get to see 3 shows on the 17th btw ive been dying to see love the cirqu de solei show

    so any tips? comments? whatever you want :]

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    If you like numbers (I know I do) make a spreadsheet. I have one that I use when I go on a diet that has columns like:

    Week # | Weight | Calories Sun .. | .. | Sat | BMR | Loss estimate by BMR | Actual Loss | Total Loss

    I set it up so you just enter your calories each day and weight each week and it fills in the rest. I've had good success with it.

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    oh wow that sounds uber smart

    thanks for the tip ill try it but i dont know if ill keep with it

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    Whenever I have a discipline problem I put myself in a situation where I am forced to complete my goal whether or not I want too.

    Maybe you could ask your mom to drop you off a mile or two away from your house so that you're forced to walk home nomatter what. =p

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    If you want I will post the spreadsheet, but you will need to adjust the BMR calculations to fit your age/sex/weight/activity level.

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    BMR ugh i took high school Foundations im supposed to know this but it was a fly by course with a not so smart teacher -_____- i didnt learn much the test were like 10 multiple choice test besides i just needed the credit :]

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    I find that if I just put my shoes on to go running, I'll feel compelled to go running.

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    BMR = Basal Metabolic rate. It's just a rough estimate of how many Calories you use on average per day. I use it as a gauge for how many Calories I should be eating to lose weight at a certain rate. It's entirely possible to scrap these calculations entirely, though. You can find the formula pretty easily if you google around for it.

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    I find it helps to take the temptation away. if you don't have your favorite food in the house, you can't eat it. Find ways to exercise that you would enjoy. I like bike riding.

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    Yeah, right on, dogboy. I find the same thing for myself. Also, I can't buy things in large containers like chips, because I can't trust myself to exercise good enough discretion with them. If you can, then kudos hehe. I find I'll set a bag of chips by the computer idly munching one or two.. then I reach down and "hey, the bag's empty!" and I think.. hmm.. I just bought these 2 days ago and that means about +~650Cal/day. Oops.

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