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Thread: Total WTF moment here.

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    Default Total WTF moment here.

    A couple of weeks ago, I experienced an episode of nocturnal enuresis. I thought nothing of it at the time, as I was running a temperature and was drinking lots of fluids (which is what people are usually supposed to do when they are running a temperature).

    It happened again last night, and I was not running a temperature, physically I was feeling otherwise OK.

    Oddly enough, I really do not feel a need to celebrate this. My attitude is more along the lines of this - What the fuck?!?!?

    The sheer oddity of the situation is baffling me.

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    There's these cool things called doctors. Maybe you should try one out.

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    Perhaps it's not as odd as you might think - the first incident was readily explainable and happens to lots of people when ill. The second might just be one of those things. WTF is a sensible reaction and in a little while you will be able so see things against a longer timescale and decide if there is anything that might merit a visit to the doctor.

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    I had the exact same thing happen round January. If it happens again, you might want to get it checked out...

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    Get it checked out if it's still happening after a few days. If it stops ur fine if it continues go see a doctor.

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    Yeah, I think I will see a doctor if it happens again, or if any other atypical symptoms start popping up.

    I probably should be seeing a doctor anyway. I had a lung infection a couple of months ago, and although the doctor at the time claimed it was cleared out (after a couple different courses of antibiotics), I am finding that I am getting ill way more often than what is normal. Actually, ever since I got sober, I've been running a temp and having accompanying vomiting experiences roughly once a month (sometimes twice). Who would have thought that I would be this ill in sobriety?

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    I think a visit to the doctor is indicated - when you aren't sober you make a lot of demands on your body and when you get back into sobriety your body faces another set of challenges as it readjusts. The leaking might not be assoiated with all this, but is probaly part of what is happening to you and although inconvenient or even embarassing, is probably not as important as the other things you mention - good luck with it all.

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