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Thread: My name is Llayden, and I'm a diaperholic.

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    Default My name is Llayden, and I'm a diaperholic.

    So, my story is that I used to be a bedwetter. I wet the bed late into my teens. I had never really thought of using diapers to help out, didn't even know there were any that were big enough. I happened to catch a very rare first run Goodnites commercial on TV in the late 90's and was intrigued. I dialed in and looked up the site and discovered that I was not alone!

    The only thing was now, I hadn't wet the bed in about four or five months now. I ordered a trial sample out of curiosity anyways (and sent one to my friend down the street for a prank as well, he ended up wearing it around the house on his head). When it arrived I spirited them away to my room and opened them up. I probably looked like an archeologist exploring a new artifact.

    I continued the exam by putting one on and was instantly in love with the padding, thickness, slight crinckle and the sense of security. I continued to wear it thoughout the day and kept wondering if it was noticeable to my folks or not.

    The testing continued into the night with me wearing the Goodnite to bed and was still amazed at the feel and comfort. Later that night I awoke to use the bathroom (the one downside of not being a bedwetter anymore, waking up to use the bathroom). It was about three in the morning and I knew I would be up and six. I remember just waking up and staring at the ceiling, then the clock, then back to the ceiling and decided that I was going to use it. I wet the Goodnite right then and fell in love.

    I was absolutely in love with the feelings it brought up. The biggest thing that got me was the warmth. It was warm and spread all over, and it was a feeling that carried to morning. I awoke to the sensation of being wet, without being wet. Even though the diaper had cooled, it was not cold. Anyone who has been or is a bedwetter will tell you, the worst part about it is being cold. You always wake up cold and wet, it's not fun. And here I just discovered this really awesome thing that prevented that whole mess, and I was no longer a bedwetter.

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    Though I must say I've not yet met someone who chose to wear diapers without having the typical AB/DL urges for most of their life first! So you are fairly unique in my book (until I find more of you!)

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