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Thread: What Celebrity Do You Look Like?

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    Default What Celebrity Do You Look Like?

    OK, perhaps this is the most off-topic post, but I am curious, if you were to describe yourself as to your appearance, what celebrity do you look like the most?

    I'm not asking what celebrity or role that the celebrity appears in that most matches you or your personality (although that could be another fun post), but who do you look like?

    There is a website called where you can upload a photo of yourself and it will do a face recognition of facial features and come up with a list of possible celebrities that may look like you.

    I tried this, and it was actually kind of spooky. The celebrity which I look like the most is David Hasselhoff (think how he looks in Knight Rider, Baywatch, etc.) I had never really followed this actor, but I do remember watching Knight Rider, but not Baywatch or his other TV appearances. However, when I looked at his photos from, it was almost like looking at myself in the mirror. Really weird.

    Matching photo of David Hasselhoff:

    I am curious as to what other celebrity look-a-likes we may have in our midst here on adisc. If you would like, try the site or if you happen to know that you look like a specific celebrity, let us know.
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    Sounds fun haha, i need to try this soon.
    the 2nd link to the picture is you ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SevenX View Post
    Sounds fun haha, i need to try this soon.
    the 2nd link to the picture is you ?
    No, both of the photos are David Hasselhoff. I'm still a bit shy about showing my own photo, even though I have given away that I look similar to some of the David Hasselhoff photos.

    The website gives you several celebrity matches, and then you can click on the celebrity to see additional photos of the celebrity that may appear similar to your own. I simply placed a link for a few of the photos which the website matched with mine.

    I have to admit that some of the other celebrity matches it came up with didn't match very well --although some of the facial features were similar. Hugh Grant was another proposed match for me, but I don't think it is that close of a match. Neither was Charles Bronson.

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    I thought I'd try this, and the answer was worrying...
    It decided I look like Justin Bieber.
    I don't see the resemblance though...
    Oh well...

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    damn! my pc crashed when i tried to exe the software. nevermind, i already know whom i look like (based upon everybody else's comments): eddie munster.
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    A friend once said to me that i looked like Gordon Freeman from HalfLife.
    But that was many years ago, I have since then shaved off the beard and replaced the glases with contacts.

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