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    Hello Adisc community! My name is Samwise... well, that not my real name. But it is based on one of my favorite characters from my favorite trilogy (besides Star Wars). I am 26 years old and a straight male, in a relationship (my gf knows but we dont participate). As to why I am not using my real name, I like to keep myself a little bit of a mystery because, well, it is the internet and you can never be too careful. But as you get to know me, either through my posts or pm, you will realize I am a kind hearted dude who only wishes to bring mutual understanding and emotional support regarding this most mysterious condition we all have (some in greater degrees than others , no doubt).

    My interests include the study of philosophy and religion, of all types and creeds. Also I like to hike. I hope to communicate more on the board and not just read it when I have a question or thought. I feel I am not expressing myself so here it goes... Thank you for your time, and pleased to meet you, cant wait to start the conversations!

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    Heya Samwise! I'm a hiker myself. Both for photography reasons and health conveniences.

    Welcome to ADISC! Don't be afraid to jump right into it and join in on the conversations. You'll find a lot of friendly people here (and others, not so friendly *giggle). No one's gonna bite ya'. Except those darn vampire babies...

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